we won IIMB hackathon 2014

IIM Bangalore(India) hosted 2014 app hackathon at 9th Annual International Conference on Public Policy and Management held on August 2nd weekend.

It was my first hackathon, so i had the usual excitement meantime i prepared to meet the challenge with my young talented team. The detailed hackathon experience with my team  is well versed and is narrated here.

When the problem statement was given, instantly we got an innovative yet elegant solution out of blue and only the execution was pending. Next day when we got the solution up and running in our laptop, we really got excited and bit envy about it. Finally we the only team(little ego) received big round of applause from the audience as well from the jury team.

After 2 days the results were announced and received excellent feedback from the jury members who suggested us to take this solution further to help one India for which we readily nodded our head.