Step by Step Guide to Jenkins Continuous Integration

Having worked in many years as a software developer,lead and even as a architect(it is big word to me) i always expect my team to imbibe my idea in terms of code quality irrespective of any language.

I also struggle to prove that my team is following the std practices to my client and management. Most of the time it will be tough when the team grows coz i cant expect my execution plan with other lead or team.

Finally i got the solution to the above said problem by CI, thanks to my software guru Martin Fowler , i had implemented this in various organization using and Jenkins. I have the other post using if you are interested.

In this post you will see the step by step guide to setup CI in your organization. In fact in my organization we decided to prepare a framework around Jenkins so that the practice can be implemented across the organization for various project to keep same level of quality.

Special thanks to my friend Kirithika who helped prepare this document. Click the below link to open the pdf.