Secret of Chidambaram Temple


What is the secret Chidambaram Temple …!

Nataraja temple in Chidambaram These are some wonderful surprises secrets. ”

Chidambaram Nataraja temple is secretly offering many different things at work, in the temple Some of the information about the surprises.

(1) This temple is located on the equator at the scene of the world that is part of the right ink. (Centre Point of World’s Magnetic Equator).

(2) famine giant temples in the sky representing at Chidambaram Nataraja Temple, air representing kalahasti Temple, the land of Kanchi ekamparesvara alayamum exactly the same linearly, ie exactly 79 Degrees, 41 minutes East longitude on the (LONGITUTE) is, today google map with the help of the sky on top of looking like a This is the only accurate predictor of the day at an engineering, geological and climactic miracle of vanaviyiyal.

(3) The human body is set based on the Chidambaram temple entrance vayilkalum 9, and 9 points in the human body it refers.

(4) the top of the aircraft(temple tower top) with the Golden Roof is covered by  21.600 golden plates, which indicates that the person breathes times a day on average 21600 (15 * 60 * 24 = 21.600).

(5) To weave 21.600 golden plates 72,000 golden nails are used, the overall pressure on the human body refers to the number of 72,000 naadi(invisible vein). Invisible in many parts of the body, including the power to add.

(6) In Tirumantiram “tirumular(rishi)”

மானுடராக்கை வடிவு சிவலிங்கம்
மானுடராக்கை வடிவு சிதம்பரம்
மானுடராக்கை வடிவு சதாசிவம்
மானுடராக்கை வடிவு திருக்கூத்தே

That is, the “man in the form of Linga, Chidambaram itself, it Sathasivam, it’s dance”.

(7) “Ponnambalam a” slight left hand set, it’s our body, the heart represents. This reaches five steps to climb, and the steps “Pancharatra step” is called, ie  “சி,வா,ய,ந,ம” the five case it is . “Kanakasabapathai” straight through without being on the other side they are on. There are 4 pillars bear the Kanakasaba Council, which represents 4 Vedas,

(8) In ponnampalam, there are 28 pillars, and the 28 gospels, Shiva worship the 28 routes represent, the 28 pillars, 64 + 64 more boards contains (BEAM), it represent 64 arts., its Vertically moving several boards (CROSS BEAMS), the human body, running multiple veins refers to blood.

(9) Golden roof on top of the existing 9 kalasangal(top of the temple tower), refers to the power of 9. Meaning the 6 pillars in the hall, 6 classical, meaning 18 pillars in the hall on the side of the hall, referring to the 18 Puranas.

(10) The Ananda tantam Chidambaram Nataraja shaking pattern of the “cosmic dance” by many foreign scholars.

Hall of 1000 pillars